Sustainability & Environmental

Building a greener and more sustainable economy

Our Carbon-Zero team have delivered several energy assessment consultations and sustainability projects within Oil & Gas, Transport, Waste Management sectors. Each of these projects aims to reduce GHG emissions, enabling businesses to become Carbon Neutral and support emission reducing projects abroad through Carbon Credits. 

Sustainability projects that we have collaborated on include working with TWMA, a leading name in drilling waste management, to calculate the GHG emission and cost saving opportunities in converting drill cuttings, which were previously considered a waste product, into a valuable fuel source to be used within the business; as well as working with traditional agriculture and fish farms to perform similar analysis on the conversion of waste streams into viable bi-products that can be sold or utilised within their business.

In addition to these sustainability projects, we have also worked with local business including haulage firm Colin Lawson Transport and Waste Management company EIS, to calculate and offset their GHG emissions, as well as identifying opportunities to reduce business costs and future emissions.

To learn more about the projects we have delivered into this industry sector please get in touch via email and we will send you our industry fact sheet.