As a division of Data Engineering Projects Limited, we work with companies to reduce their carbon emissions and energy spend through Carbon Accounting and Carbon Offset.

The UK Government is legislating that the UK shall be a Carbon Net-zero nation by 2050 and this has implications for all UK businesses and their owners. ​

Our team at Carbon-Zero can help your business to voluntarily accelerate the move to being part of a financially sustainable, low carbon economy.

Carbon-Zero aims to be the first choice for small to medium enterprises within the UK business sector. Whether private or public sector, we can help to make your business greener, more energy efficient and in many cases cheaper to operate. 

No matter the size, scale or complexity of your business operation, Carbon-Zero can give you an accurate reflection of your carbon emissions - as well as high impact solutions to help reduce them.

"We believe in a future where economic and environmental sustainability go hand in hand..."